organic digital processing
Musical technology from the inventor of Ballblazer, Flowfazer, GrokGazer, and Flowpotion,
discoverer of the Symplectic Oscillator DSP algorithm making possible the Chromavoder,
master of high performance natural physics coding, musician, and technologist: A. D. Levine
I have been watching pitch shifter technology for the last four decades, waiting for something that musically transposes my sound many octaves without a delay that makes it unplayable, and without shifting artifacts that make it sound unnatural. That pitch shifter never came, even the best studio units are unusable as a real world musical instrument. So, I invented the Chromavoder. It is a revelation. Not just a pitch shifter, it is a harmony instrument in itself, using sound that comes from the player. It is demanding on a wind or fretless instrument player, requiring precise intonation. Playing it has sharpened my skills. It is a great tool for musical performance and for music education.