Muzemazer Introduces
digitally modeled analog harmony
for the discerning instrumentalist
Two Voices
Eight Octave Range
Physics Simulation Algorithm
Simple, Direct, and Natural
Transposing notes and chords chromatically, as much as four octaves down or up, Chromavoder begins sounding instantly, creating simultaneous harmony. Unlike other pitch and harmonizing effects, it does not track or store and resample your sound or play synthetic waveforms.
Electric and Acoustic Electric
Wind, string, guitar, and bass players, Chromavoder gives you access to a much wider range and to the textural possibilities in doubling and tripling, while maintaining the integrity of your sound. Chromavoder's voices accompany, extend, and harmonically enhance your tone. It feels like part of your instrument by responding to your dynamics, articulation, and intonation in a physical, musical way.
Intuitive and Flexible
Each of Chromavoder's two voices has separate knobs to adjust octave shift, semitone shift, and level or mix. Switches control each voice, the analog and digital audio paths, and the way the effect blends with your sound. Chromavoder is expandable, put two together for four independent voices or eight staged voices. Use its inputs and outputs in mono, stereo, or as direct and effect bus for expansion or a direct out.
Adaptable Tuning
Chromavoder is a tuned musical instrument. Its voice levels are sensitive to your intonation and the tuning of the instrument you are playing. Its tuning may be adjusted to current symphonic and popular standard pitches, or to any set of one default and four alternates you prefer. The example Chromavoder tuning is A440, with A442, A444, A436, A432 accessible as alternates.
Custom Programmed
Your digitally modeled analog harmony instrument has two parts: the Chromavoder module, available only from Muzemazer, and your compatible ToneCore® pedal or dock, available from retailers and individual vendors. Your Chromavoder module will be programmed, tested, and calibrated by Muzemazer. Please inquire for price.
The Chromavoder module contains the Chromavoder software custom written for your tunings. Please email [email protected] to inquire, or to commission.
The Chromavoder™ module (shown installed in a stereo dock) is designed for use with all Line 6 ToneCore® pedals and docks. Programmed and tested customized Chromavoder™ modules are available exclusively through Muzemazer. Muzemazer purchases hardware on behalf of its clients as part of a custom programming service, and is not a reseller, warrantor, dealer, agent, or representative of Line 6. Line 6 and ToneCore are registered trademarks of Line 6, Inc. Muzemazer and Chromavoder are trademarks of A. D. Levine.